"First time doing Kickboxing...Awesome experience and definitely a great workout"

Maria R.

"The instructor is fun and down to earth, but she will WOOORK YOU! She does not play LOVE IT so far."

ShirmaeSO F.

"Kathy was gracious to accept my expired voucher and my friend and I are REALLY enjoying her class..after the first day, my body was reminding me the muscles i hadn't used in about 4 years...Hello! Great motivator, variety of drills, and mixes things up during the week which i like so you don't get bored of the same routine. After ONLY 3 days of her class i can already tell im more conscientious of my posture as my core (stomach) is getting stronger (and achy!) The facility is a little dated but a good workout is about the results not the place....so highly recommend this class for both women and men who are trying to get healthy and fit!"


"Kathy is the best teacher and she is why I come back! I am so happy I found her class!"

Kayla A.

"Kathy provides a relaxed environment and fun space to work out. How can a work out be fun? She jokes around a bit as your sweating and at the same time she pushes you just enough to make you sweat. I like the fact that there are a mixture of body types, ages and the emphasis seemd to be on enjoying a good workout together. Thumbs up!"

Margie R.